Honorary OCs

The rules of the Society provide that in Annual General Meeting there may be elected as an Honorary Member any person who has rendered outstanding service to the School or to the Society.

Current Honorary OCs are as follows: -

Gemma Ankers
Mary Bailey
Alison Balasingham
Barbara Barnes
David & Anne Beeby
Sue Billington
Boyd Brackstone
Barbara Britton
Chris Burton
Stephen Byrne
Caitie Caiger
James Carpenter
Nikki Cheung
Tony Chew
Tracy Cook
Martin Cooke
Eleanor Cooke
Anne Cowley
Neil & Catherine D'Allen
Roger & Meg Denning
Joe Edwards
Colin Evans
Mark Fraser
Mike & Debbie Geary
Richard & Ann Geffen
Harvey Gibbons
Clare Godfree
John Grant
Jane Hayes
Chris Humpage
Ros Hunter
Julie Jackson
Alan Jancis
Anne Jancis
Mike Jones
David Little
Margaret McCafferty
Mrs J M Macdonald
Julia Martin
Madeleine May
Mary-Anne McCrow
Ian McIsaac
Maureen Mitchell
Jo Morgan
Martin Muirhead
Julie-Ann Murphy
Ray Norris
Felicity Pattenden
Vera Peevor
Alan Peters
Tony Pienaar
Keith Pigot
Liz Pogson
Maria Pond
Andy Powell-Young
Emma Reach
Jamie Reach
Ted Robeson
Nicola Rowse
Stephen Smith
Howard Stevenson
Sandra Tew
Fran Thomason
Alison Watkins
Tim Weaver
Christine Weeks
Roy & Jane Williams
Richard Wilson
Steve Wilson
Toby Yarwood