Books written by Clayesmore Staff

Dog Sense - illustrated by Alan Peters

Published on June 24th, 2011 10:22

  • Dog sense illustrated by ahp

Former Head of Art at Clayesmore Alan Peters' beautiful illustrations complement the writing of renowned anthrozoologist Dr John Bradshaw and in Dog Sense he uses the latest scientific research to show how humans can live in harmony with--not just dominion over-- their four-legged friends.

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Robert Mash (1952-1958) - How To Keep Dinosaurs

Published on February 10th, 2010 12:14

  • How to keep dinosaurs

Hollywood and the popular press would have us believe that all dinosaurs are gigantic, hostile and untameable. In fact, there are many species that make charming and even useful companions. From Compsognathus (mild-mannered and affectionate - once it has learnt to recognize its owner) to Deinonychus (will not eat dog food - dogs are another matter) this book advises you which dinosaur is right for you and your home, from the city apartment dweller looking for a lap pet, to the country estate owner looking to tighten up on security.

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson priced £12.99. Available at all good bookshops worldwide, or from Amazon

Flora Scott - And One Ran Away

Published on February 3rd, 2010 14:34

  • One ran away

Flora Scott's account of her work as a matron in a number of prep schools, featuring Clayesmore Prep as her favourite as "the Democratic Prep School in Dorset".

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J D Spinney - Rodney

Published on February 3rd, 2010 13:39

  • Rodney

David Spinney's acclaimed biography of Admiral George Rodney - published in 1969 and described as "definitive" and "first rate" by its first reviewers.

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J D Spinney - Clayesmore A School History

Published on February 3rd, 2010 13:28

  • Clayesmore book cover

A 135 page very readable and illustrated history of Clayesmore written in 1987 by the former history master and housemaster well-known to countless Old Clayesmorians and whose association with the School spanned 40 years. It is the story of Clayesmore from its early beginnings to 1979 and will delight all Clayesmorians both past and present who share the Author's regard for the School.

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Desmond Coke - Master 1917-1920 and 1922-1931

Published on February 1st, 2010 16:10

Coke wrote a number of books under his own name and that of "Belinda Blinders" while a master at Clayesmore.

Works include: - The bending of a twig (1906), The call (1907), The comedy of age (1906), The cure (1912), Helena Brett's career (1913), The pedestal (1908), Beatuty for ashes (1910), The Chaps of Harton (1913), The Golden Key (1909), Half-way (1927), The House Prefect (1907), The Monkey Tree (1929), The Nouveau Poor (1921), Pamela Herself (1922), The School Across the Road (1909), Sandford of Merton (1903), Stanton (1931), Wilson's (1911), The Worm (1927) and The Art of the Silhouette (1913). Youth, youth...! (1919) was dedicated to Lex Devine - recalling how they started corresponding prior to him joining the staff.

The Collected Poems of Humphrey Moore with forward by John Bridgen (1953-1958)

Published on February 1st, 2010 16:04

  • Humphrey moore

Humphrey Moore was, for generations of schoolboys at Clayesmore, the archetype of the public schoolmaster. He devoted his life to his pupils and taught them all he knew. Moore was a man of the utmost integrity, a teacher from the vanished golden age of the English public school who taught his boys as equals and friends.

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Aubrey de Selincourt, Headmaster 1931-1935

Published on February 1st, 2010 15:57

  • One good tern

Clayesmore's second Headmaster, Aubrey de Sélincourt (7 June 1894 – December 1962) was an English writer, classical scholar and translator.

He is best known for his translations (all for Penguin Classics) of Livy's The Early History of Rome (Books I to V) and The War with Hannibal (Books XXI to XXX), Herodotus's Histories, and Arrian's The Campaigns of Alexander.

Works : - * Streams of Ocean (1923) essays - * Isle of Wight (1933) - * Family Afloat (1944) - * Six O'clock and After and Other Rhymes for Children (1945) with Irene de Sélincourt - * One More Summer (1946) - * Calicut Lends a Hand (1946) - * Dorset (1947) Vision of England series - * Micky (1947) - * Three Green Bottles (1941) - * A Capful of Wind (1948) - * One Good Tern (1943) - * The Young Schoolmaster (1948) - * Kestrel (1949) - * Sailing: A Guide For Everyman (1949) - * The Raven's Nest (1949) - * Mr Oram's Story. The adventures of Capt. James Cook (1949) - * The Schoolmaster (1951) - * On Reading Poetry (1952) - * The Channel Shore (1953) - * Herodotus, The Histories (1954) translator - * Cat's Cradle (1955) - * Odysseus the Wanderer (1956) - * Six Great Poets: Chaucer, Pope, Wordsworth, Shelley, Tennyson, The Brownings (1956) - * Nansen (1957) - * Six Great Englishmen: Drake, Dr. Johnson, Nelson, Marlborough, Keats, Churchill (1957) - * The Early History of Rome: Books I-V of the History of Rome from Its Foundation, by Titus Livy (1960) translator - * The Book of the Sea (1961) editor - * Arrian's Life of Alexander the Great (1962) translator - * The World of Herodotus (1962) - * The War with Hannibal : Books XXI-XXX of the History of Rome from its Foundation, by Livy (1965) translator - * Six Great Playwrights (1974)

Frank Whitbourn - Lex - Alex. Devine Founder of Clayesmore

Published on February 1st, 2010 15:48

The former master's biography of the life of Clayesmore's founder, Lex Devine - "a nobody who knew everybody who was anybody".