Cormorants Fixtures 2017

Players still required! - please contact Greg Swaby - by email as soon as possible if you'd like to play.

Sunday 9th July Twenty20 competition hosted by Bryanston Butterflies

Monday 10th July v Canford Cygnets, away

Tuesday 11th July v Bryanston Butterflies, home

Wednesday 12 July v Arkadin, home
Old CCCC Get-together and lunch

Thursday 13 July Sherborne Pilgrims, away End of tour meal at The Cricketers at Shroton in the evening

All OCs are most welcome to play/watch the tour and sponsors are sought to help fund younger players. A few old Cormorants have kept CCCC financially afloat in recent years by supporting younger players. The cost of cricket is quite considerable these days - lunch and tea, pitch preparation and umpire's fee. To help with this, the Cormorants are looking for sponsors to help cover costs. Our senior players are expecting a few more good young cricketers from the school, or recent leavers, to join. Due to their 'impoverished student state' your donations will cover their match fees and evening meals. If you wish to help in any way your contribution will be most welcome. Please get in touch by emailing Liisa Steele if you can help and she will put you in contact with the Treasurer, Mike Corica.