About the Old Clayesmorian Society

Always part of the Clayesmore family

I first came to Iwerne Minster as a new boy in 1952, the beginning of a very enjoyable period in my life: my parents worked abroad and in term time Clayesmore was a home, and a happy one, for me.

My main experience of the Old Clayesmorian Society in those days was the OC weekend, when the School 1st XI played the Old Boys at hockey (no girls back then). After I left Clayesmore, the Society provided me with a means of maintaining contact with my friends and occasionally dropping in on the School itself.

This was before the internet. Nowadays, this website provides all sorts of information: not only will you be able to keep in touch with other OCs but you will also be able to find out about all the other things the Society does. For a start, there are termly OC events at the School and the summertime Cormorants Cricket Week. In addition, the Society holds an AGM at Clayesmore before the Annual Dinner or in London before the Annual Lunch, depending on the year. Furthermore, there is the excellent City Lunch held at Le Beaujolais in London, a superb and less formal venue where the food is magnificent, the wine eximious (look it up) and the ambience marvellously Gallic.

You can find full details of all these in the “Events” section, as well as details of numerous other gatherings organised by our sister group, the Clayesmore Society, of which all OCs are automatically members. Do make full use of the site and register your details so you can log on to the secure area and catch up with old friends.

I look forward to meeting you all before long.


Robert Mash, President

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